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Macromolecular Materials Laboratory


MML group, including Prof. James Elliott, Dr Thurid Gspann, Dr Adarsh Kaniyoor, Dr Jerónimo Terrones Portas, attended the NT17 in Brzail and attracted significant attentions from the related scientific community.

MML group presented 3 oral talks and 3 posters in NT17 in Brazail. A list of presentations can be found as follows:

1. Ultra-High Long Gauge Length Thermal Conductivities of Carbon Nanotube Fibres and Their Dependence on Morphology (Conference talk by Thurid Gspann).

Authors: Thurid S. Gspann, Stefan Juckes, John Niven, Michael Johnson, James Elliott, Mary Anne White Alan H. Windle

2. High Ampacity of CVD-Spun Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Their Failure Mechanisms (Poster presentation by Jeronimo Terrones).

Authors: Jeronimo Terrones, Thurid S. Gspann, Adarsh Kaniyoor, James A. Elliott

3. Probing Crystallinity of Photonic-Sorted CNT Textiles with Extreme Magnetic Fields and Raman Spectroscopy (Poster presentation by Thurid Gspann).

Authors: John Simmons Bulmer, Thurid S. Gspann, Francisco Orozco, Martin Sparkes, Hilmar Hilmar Koerner, Angelo Di Bernardo, Arkadiusz Niemiec, Agnieszka Lekawa-Raus, Dwight Rickel, Fedor Balakirev, Jason Robinson, Krzysztof Koziol, William O’Neill, James Elliott

4. The Effects of Morphology on Property Scaling in Macroscopic Assemblies of Carbon Nanotube Fibres (Poster presentation by Adarsh Kaniyoor).

Authors: Adarsh Kaniyoor, Thurid S. Gspann, John S. Bulmer, Jeronimo Terrones, Alan H. Windle, James A. Elliott

5. Rapid Response Feedback Loop on Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor by Micro-Fluidic Control and Contactless Electromagnetic Monitoring (Satellite talk by Thurid Gspann).

Authors: John Simmons Bulmer, Thurid S. Gspann, Adarsh Kaniyoor, James Ryley, Wouter Sparreboom, Marcus Klein, Martin Sparkes, Jame Elliott, Bill O'Neill

6. Accurate Potential Energy Surfaces for Layered Carbon Systems (Satellite talk by James Elliott).

Authors: Andrew Fowler and James Elliott  


Adarsh in NT17Jeronimo in NT 17Thurid in NT 17

Thurid in conference talk in NT 17

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