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Carbon Nanotubes Processing

Over the past decade MML has developed a unique process for synthesizing carbon nanotubes via the floating catalyst route, and at the same time winding the entangled aerogel into a fibre. The process will work with a variety of different carbon feedstocks and generates a fibre with axial properties in the Kevlar range, but great robustness in bending.

It is thus possible to convert natural gas continuously into a high tech fibre in a single reactor. Current focus of the work is the improvement  of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties for a wide range of applications, some of them multifunctional. Part of this activity is through enhanced control of the spinning process itself, other approaches rely on post spinning processes such as chemical functionalization of the fibre and heat and radiation treatments. The fibre’s unique mechanical robustness stems from the fact that it is a nanoscale yarn, which also means that when incorporated in composites, the matrix penetrates the fibre providing unique level of bonding with the matrix.

Carbon Nanotubes Processing

People specializing in this area

Academic Staff

Prof James Elliott, MA (Cantab) CPhys MInstPhys

I work on modelling the mechanical properties (strength and stiffness) of carbon nanotube fibres produced by the direct spinning process.

Prof Alan Windle, ScD FRS

My group is interested in investigating the synthesis process and post-synthesis techniques to optimise the carbon nanotube fibre properties.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr-Ing Thurid Gspann

I investigate the optimisation of the direct spinning process of pure CNT fibres as well as post-synthesis techniques, both with the aim to tailor the CNT fibre properties to specific application.

Dr Jerónimo Terrones Portas, PhD (Cantab)

I investigate different functionalization, dispersion, and “decoration” processes to better incorporate carbon nanotubes into composite materials.

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Dec 19, 2018

The MML has won funding as part of a new Centre for Creative Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastic Waste

Angelika Beinert wins Reedy scholarship

Sep 14, 2018

Congratulations to Angelika Beinert, who won a Michael Reedy scholarship to present her work on liquid phase production of nanofoams at FOAMS 2018 in Montreal, Canada 13-14 September 2018.

MML welcomes new arrival!

Jun 28, 2018

Many congratulations to Thurid and John on the safe delivery of their baby boy, Justus, who arrived last week. We wish them well with the adventures of parenthood!

Triboluminescence flashes from high-speed ruptures in carbon nanotube Macro-Yarns

Dec 06, 2017

A new paper by Thurid S.Gspan, Nigel H. H. Ngern, Andrew Fowler, Alan H. Windle, Vincent B.C.Tan, James A. Elliott is published in Materials Letters.

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