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Macromolecular Materials Laboratory


Publications from 2011

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The effect of nanotube content and orientation on the mechanical properties of polymer – nanotube composite fibres: Separating intrinsic reinforcement from orientational effects
FM Blighe, K Young, JN Coleman, IA Kinloch, L Deng, RJ Young and AH Windle
Advanced Functional Materials, 2011, 21,2, 364-371.

Infiltration of highly aligned carbon nanotube arrays with molten polystyrene
S Boncel, KK Koziol, KZ Walczak, MSP Shaffer and AH Windle
Material Letters, 2011, 65, 2299-2303

Tuning the mechanical properties of composites from elastomeric to rigid thermoplastic by controlled addition of carbon nanotubes
U Khan, A O’Neill, JN Coleman, JJ Vilatela and AH Windle
Small, 2011, 7, 1579-1586

Structure of and stress transfer in fibres spun from carbon nanotubes produced by chemical vapour deposition
JJ Vilatela, L Deng, IA Kinloch, RJ Young and AH Windle
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Hierarchical carbon nanotube-inorganic hybrid structures involving CNT arrays and CNT fibers
S Neocleus, SW Pattinson, AMM Motta, D Eder and AH Windle
Functional Materials Letters, 2011, 4, 1, 83-89

Shear-induced anisotropy of concentrated multiwalled carbon nanotube suspensions using X-ray scattering
P Saswati, S Rahatekar, JW Gilman ,WR Burghardt, KK Koziol and AH Windle
Journal of Rheology, 2011, 55, 5, 1033-1-58

Enhancement of the mechanical properties of directly spun CNT fibres by chemical treatment
S Boncel, RM Sundaram, KK Koziol amd AH Windle
ACS Nano, 2011, 5, 12, 9339-9344

Continuous direct spinning of fibres of single-walled carbon nanotubes with metallic chirality
RM Sundaram, KK Koziol and AH Windle
Advanced Materials, 2011, 23, 43, 5064-5068

A multifunctional yarn made of carbon nanotubes
JJ Vilatela and AH Windle
Journal of Engineered Fibres and Fabrics, 2011, 7, SI, 23-28

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MML Christmas Dinner 2019

20 December 2019

MML Christmas Dinner on 12th December 2019 at Fitzwilliam

MML Christmas Dinner

20 December 2019

MML Christmas Dinner at Fitzwilliam College on 12th December 2019

Peter's graduation pub trip

25 October 2019

MML celebrated Peter Vanya's graduation at Castle Inn. Congratulate Peter and wish him all the best in the new career.

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11 October 2019

We would like to welcome Philipp Kloza, Ben Seddon and Yoshitake Suganuma as new PhD students to the group. Thank James for the cupcakes!